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Workplace Meditation Geelong
Wellness at work! There is a rapidly growing trend in promoting wellbeing and providing health care like Taichi and meditation classes in the workplace. White Tiger Therapeutics provides tailored wellbeing programs to suit your place of work and staff. We can organize a Tai Chi, Qigong or Meditation group class at your place of work.

"Promoting health in the workplace has benefits for staff and a company's bottom line..." - Fit for work - Sydney Morning Herald 18 Aug 2007

The aim of wellness at work is to encourage a feeling of wellbeing in the work environment. This decreases stress and improves productivity. Everyone wins!

If you are looking to encourage your staff, increase clarity of mind and concentration, then try something unique and see the results. We come to you and offer educational workshops on:
-easy-to-learn meditation and breathing techniques to instantly revive your mind -instructive talks -ways to improve work-life balance

Practising qigong is one of the best ways to promote preventive health. Qigong and Tai Chi offer the following benefits to you and your staff:
  • - Reduces stress, increases clear focus, energy levels and general wellbeing. 
  • - Productivity improves, less sick-days are taken and the general atmosphere of the workplace is elevated. 
  • - Employees feel valued, encouraged and rewarded. 
  • - Relief of muscular pain and tension. -Circulation is improved thus increasing oxygenation of the tissues. 
  • - The recipient feels calm, alert and balanced. 
  • - Mental and physical relaxation -Improves the immune system 
  • - Less Workcover claims 
  • - Useful in treating workplace related stress and strains such as neck, shoulder or back pain. 

Enjoy a series of classes or a workshop at your place of work, venue or event. Encourage, reward and show your employees they are valued.

We offer Workplace Tai Chi and Qigong group classes on site as space permits or off-site. This is a great way to team-build and enhance general wellbeing through meditation in motion.

Tai Chi and Qigong are based on principles of Chinese medicine. Slow, smooth movements are practiced with a relaxed mind. Powerful tools of the breath, particular postures and visualisation stimulate energy of the body. It is self-empowering where together we self-initiate and potentiate physical and psychological balance.

Yang style 24 form Tai chi is taught over a period of 8-10 weeks, along with Qigong.

What are the benefits?
For thousands of years the Chinese have used Tai chi and Qigong to:
  • - Increase circulation and encourage health 
  • - Improve health and immunity thus promoting longevity 
  • - Loosen and limber joints and muscles 
  • - Promote deep relaxation through simple yet profound movements 
  • - Reduce stress -Cultivate awareness 
  • - Engender a sense of balance and elevate one’s mood. 
  • - Practice influences patience, perseverance and confidence. 
  • - Peacefulness felt from the movements is enjoyed almost straight away. 
  • - It is easy to learn, balancing and calming. 

"qigong tai chi has been of enormous benefit both generally and to my yoga practice. With the breathing techniques i have learnt through qigong, I have been able to focus into my yoga poses more deeply than before. And in my daily work routine, i have found a few minutes of qigong refreshes and invigorates!" - Amanda, student.

"…after 2 years of Qigong and Tai Chi and I am amazed at how far I have come and at the level of positive changes that now see me with a healthier mind and body…Kerry exudes passion in her work and has that wonderful knack of awareness and centering ability. Her philosophies and skills are more than learnt. They are natural and her approach to teaching and healing is fun and simple to take on board." - Warren M.

Let your manager know if you are interested, and we can organise a group class at your place of work.

Some of our previous clients include:
  • - Commonwealth Bank 
  • NAB 
  • County Court Melbourne 
  • VicDeaf 
  • WorkSafe 
  • De Paul House Drug Rehabilitation/ St. Vincents hospital 
  • Energy Australia 
  • Royal Women’s Hospital 
  • Como Historic House & Garden

Your instructor 
Dr. Kerry Posniak (TCM) has over 8 years experience in teaching Qigong and Tai Chi. Kerry lectured in Medical Qigong at the Southern School of Natural Therapies for 3 years, Victoria’s premier school of natural therapies. Kerry incorporates her extensive knowledge of the mind-body’s energetic system, meditation and martial arts into her classes. Improve your sense of calmness and vitality through learning Qi gong.
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