Chi Kung Classes & Workshops in Autumn 

Term 2 - Chi Kung weekly classes:

Thurs Barwon Heads 26th April - 28th June 2018 (10 weeks) $160  
Fri Belmont 27th April -  29th June 2018 (10 weeks) $160 
Casual classes $20

Locations & Times
Friday morning Belmont: 9.30-10.30am St. Bernard’s Parish, 74 Fryers Road. In the church or parish hall.
Thursday evening Barwon Heads: 6.30-7.30pm 71-73 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads Uniting church. Hall at the back.

Da Wu Chi Kung

Practicing the Great Dance of Da Wu helps to preserve health. Originally recorded in ancient Chinese documents like the Lu Shi (1131-1189), the Shang Shu (Book of Changes) and the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine), pictures of Da Wu were also depicted among Stone Age tomb artefacts unearthed from 5000 years ago showing dancing figures practicing Qigong. Movements are graceful and focus on easing the joints throughout the entire body as well as flexing exercises  to increase wellbeing. Da Wu includes movements of the limbs, breath work and gentle focus of the mind to harmonise organs, boost and replenish energy. 
A great form of mindful movement to promote fitness.
All are welcome, suits beginners and advanced alike, male and female. 
Book now! Text Kerry to let her know you're attending 0425 801 912.

What is Chi Kung?

Regulate the Body, Mind and Qi through postures, movements, relaxation and focus. Qigong is immeasurably beneficial & efficient at moving Qi, calming the Mind, strengthening the Body & harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of Being. Workshops covering a particular Qigong form are held throughout the year. These are usually 3 hours on a Sunday. Register your interest now and we’ll let you know about future workshops.

Chi Kung is based on the same principles that are applied in Chinese medicine. Movements & breath harmonise organs, meridians and emotions & rebalance our energy systems. Transform stuck, negative energy into positive healing energy. Subtle energy or life force flows freely through our bodies when we are in good health. Emotions are energy too. When this energy gets stuck or stagnant, it can lead to pain or ill health physically and emotionally. Chi Kung is a healing art that gently moves this energy and transmutes it into vitality and health. It's an enjoyable and gentle way to bring greater equilibrium to our bodies, minds & hearts.

Learn Ancient Methods for Peace and Wellbeing. For thousands of years the Chinese have practiced Qigong and Tai Chi to encourage health, prolong life, reduce stress, cuiltivate awareness, engender a sense of balance and elevate one’s mood.  

Forms that may be taught over the year include

Five Elements
Tendon & Meridian Cleansing method
Joint Nourishing & Bone Marrow Washing Method
Qi Gathering Method
Da Wu
Six Healing Sounds
Five Animal Frolic
Taichi Yang style 24 Form